Thursday, March 15, 2012

Travis Pastrana is racing RAAM?

I think this may be my only chance to be able to beat him at something!, lol

Probably not, the guy is an animal. For those who don't know who Travis Pastrana is just go on to youtube and do a search with his name. His accolades are more than human.

According to his Facebook on Feb 2nd he posted this.

"We signed up for the RAAM (a bicycle race from CA to MD) this year in the 8 man pro division, so today I went on a 50 mile ride with teammates, CowboyKenny690 and Todd Jacobs. To win, we will have to average 23 mph for 5 straight days. Today we averaged 19mph for just under 3 hours... It's going to be a grueling couple of months!"

I am super stoked to see a person of this caliber jump into something like an event the size of RAAM. I am actually very excited to see how he does even though the brute force will be carried as a team overall. it will still be interesting to be able to watch it all unfold behind me.....Far behind.......mua ah ha ha

I doubt he will be smiling and doing double backflips but I can bet the bus antics will be something to be filmed on nitro circus.

although I haven't seen his name on the official race roster, it will be a definite media frenzy if he actually registers and follows through with the claim.

And hey Travis! if by chance you or one of yours read this, hit me up on twitter @gonefirefightin

otherwise I will see you at the start line!


  1. he needs to lose the baggies and invest in a skin suit :-)

  2. He also needs to know that RAAM swallows you up and spits you out. It does not care if your a Pro motorcycle racer, Tri-athlete, cyclist, doctor, lawyer, soldier, anything. They will face the demon's. And then face Team 4 Mil along with our Wounded Warrior Veterans and our allies from across the pond, Stratgic Lions and Battle Back Brothers.

    Wayne D.
    Team 4 Mil Race Capt.
    RAAM 2012