Friday, March 23, 2012

The pressure is on

Things are getting down to the wire, I will be at the team training camp in a few weeks and have a crit to race the same weekend then will be looking at the Nevada and Oregon RAAM challenges for april and may. Been hitting the manufacturers pretty hard for a wheel sponsorship that is within my price range and have been getting the bikes dialed in for the endurance factor. I have been accepted to the wounded warrior projects national campaign team and am also going to be in the after action review magazine. The media machines are starting to roll and it seems I am not escaping any of it.

The Garmin 800 is probably the best training tool I have in my arsenal and am very glad I picked one up. It has been my sole mode of motivation and self regulation at this point since I have no other riders/team members out here on the west to ride or train with. My climbing pace has doubled since the start of training (still not happy with it) and my distances have more than doubled. My descents have reached speeds up to 56 mph and my cornering has resemblance of a train on rails.

My gym workouts are starting to feel simple and my nutrition has found a happy place in taste and seems like a shopping spree every week with the amount of food I am eating.
Just one problem

I can’t seem to build a long enough playlist for my rides.

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